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Redirect any domain to an HTTP/HTTPS URL for subdomain forwarding, domain parking, vanity URLs, domain redirection and forwarding.
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What can do? allows you to redirect your domains to a URL. Point your fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to us and we can forward it to anywhere!

Here are some examples of how others are using

  • Domain apex redirection
  • Subdomain redirection
  • Domain consolidation
  • Domain parking
  • Vanity URL redirections to social media
  • Personal domain name redirection to LinkedIn/GitHub profiles
  • Subdomain redirection to forms/surveys/documents
  • SEO with a choice between a 301 or 302 redirection
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Pricing is FREE for 5 domain or subdomain redirectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Create an A record for your FQDN and point it to
    2. Sign into and create a new redirector
    3. Enter the FQDN (this is the domain name you are forwarding from)
    4. Enter the destination URL you want to redirect to
    5. That's it! Your domain name will now forward to the URL you specified

  • Currently you can forward up to 5 FQDNs, this includes domain names and subdomains.

  • You can see a basic count and a 30 day traffic graph for the number of times your domain has been redirected.

  • No, you can only redirect HTTP domains. You can however redirect to either an HTTP or HTTPS destination.

  • Yes, path and query string forwarding is supported and enabled by default. For example will forward to

  • No, the service does not support wildcard domain name redirection e.g. * You need to explicitly create a redirector for each domain or subdomain you wish to forward.

  • allows you to redirect your domain with either a 301 or 302 HTTP status code. You can change the redirection code between the two at any time.

    A 301 redirect is a permanent redirection and is better for your SEO performance. You would use a 301 redirect if you wanted to indicate to the visitor that this and all future requests should be directed to the given URL. This is useful for domain consolidation and when pointing subdomains to the zone apex (eg: to

    A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect and tells the visitor to browse to the new URL. This is useful when the target URL changes frequently or for A/B testing etc.

  • You can redirect any TLD that is not a secured namespace which enforces HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). For example .app and .dev domain names will not work with this service because they enforce HTTPS connections only. If you point your domain to this service and you get an error you are likely using a secured namespace.

  • Your data and the redirector service is located in London, England, United Kingdom.

  • You can use this service for personal or commercial HTTP domain redirections to any HTTP/HTTPS destination. Common use cases are using a vanity URL to a LinkedIn or GitHub profile, parking domains, directing domain names to static web assets (like a brochure etc). Use of this service is subject to the Terms of Use, please familiarise yourself with these.